A company’s business strategy guides most of the initiatives which management decides to implement in the organisation. Yet often the strategy does not make clear the organisational conditions needed to reach the business goals.

Most companies make use of a variety of organisational tools and activities, e.g. employee appraisals, climate surveys, training courses, management development programmes, team-building activities and career plans. Yet, it is not enough simply to have these activities: they must be coherently linked to and put into the context of real business needs.

Organisational Effectiveness is focused on aligning the company’s organisational processes to support the business strategy in the simplest possible way. The connection between business challenges and organisational performance is very often underestimated. When done properly, the gains can be significant. Top management gets a much clearer picture of the organisation’s ability to realise the strategy. And managers at other levels get an equally clear picture of how the different organisational tools support their management role, including how the tools contribute to getting business results.

People has extensive experience with these processes and tools, which could include the following phases:


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